• Busted G Front view
  • Busted G Profile shots
  • Golden G Front
  • Golden G Profile shots
  • Busted G Sketches
  • Giant Aloha Kitty front view
  • Aloha Kitty back view
  • Aloha Kitty Box
  • Process Photo – Blank
  • Process Photo – Surgery
  • Process Photo – Fixing
  • Process Photo – Fixing
  • Process Photo – Priming
  • Process Photo – Priming
  • Process Photo – Painted
  • Aloha Kitty finished piece
  • Octo Agent front
  • Octo Agent front
  • Light Duty Drill
  • Cherry Creek Amenity scale model

3D Design

Not only can I create great looking print and digital graphics, I am also a sculptor, painter and customizer. Here are some examples of the Three Dimensional Designs I have produced.

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