• Red’s Shed Community Window sticker
  • Various stickers for Red’s Shed
  • QR Code Die-cut Stickers
  • Various Print Marketing Materials
  • Hang tags introducing Red’s Shed DIRECT
  • Red’s Shed Shirt
  • Red’s Shed Office Poster
  • Camping Graphic for Red’s Shed Blog
  • Carsharing Blog Graphic
  • Finished Plinko Board
  • Plinko Board Process shot with Vinyl decal
  • KickStarter Reward Hammers
  • Various Give Aways for the KickStarter Campaign
  • Red’s Shed Bumper Stickers

Red’s Shed

During my time at Red’s Shed as Director of Marketing I produced all of the Brand Standards and came up with a cool way to feature a QR code in our marketing material.


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